Software Reseller

At Frontline Services we provide the cloud-based contact center software that gives the ability to fully utilize your current support team. We work closely with you through the set up and implementation, including training. We offer a higher degree of support than our competitors for smaller set-ups at a better price.

Technology Overview

inContact is an award-winning and the world's leading provider of cloud-based contact center solutions, offering robust call routing software, IVR and a full line of workforce optimization tools to increase the efficiency of contact center agents. inContact customers benefit from built-in redundancy, plus its advanced Network Operations center (NOC) continually monitors services for potential issues. inContact has formed a Trust Office with the express purpose of helping maintain the trust of our customers. The mission of the Trust Office lies in three primary areas:

Reliability & Availability

Reliability & Availability

The Trust Office works closely with
inContact engineering and operations to
ensure our systems and networks are
designed, managed and able to support
99.99% uptime.

High Security

High Security

We know how valuable our customers' data
is and as a result, the Trust Office creates,
approves and audits security processes.
We uphold the highest security standards
and are certified with PCI, SOX, FCC, CPNI
and as a Safe Harbor Partner.
Performance & Scalability

Performance & Scalability

We work closely with network planning and
operations to ensure that network growth
and design match our customers' growing
demands. This gives you the systems you
need to get ahead now and over the
long-term life of your business.

The "cloud" is fast becoming the most important technology revolution of our time, and the growth is tremendous. One of the primary reasons companies are increasingly looking to cloud services to meet their business needs are the reduced costs. In addition to cost savings, some other benefits of cloud services include:

Focus on the customer Focus on the customer Focus on the customer Focus on the customer Focus on the customer Focus on the customer

Focus on
the customer

Software Updates

Quick Roll Out
and Implementation

99.99% Uptime

Both Upward or
Scalability to Meet

Seamless Call
Routing Between
Contact Centers and
At-Home Agents